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The course of enterprise development

In November 2001, Hangzhou Luyuan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established.

—In 2007, a raw material production base for raw lime was established in Yiyang, Jiangxi.

—In 2008, the company became a well-known brand supplier such as Xi Zhi Lang.

—In 2009, the clay production base was established in Xuyi, Jiangsu.

—In 2013, it moved into the new site.

—In 2013, he was awarded the title of "technical transformation input Award" and "Hangzhou high and new technology enterprise" in Yuhang District of Hangzhou.

—In 2017, enterprise operation was introduced into ERP system.

Corporate culture

Core values of enterprises
Conduct oneself honesty,work credibility and integrity.
Enterprise vision
Become a global leader in adsorbents brand.
Enterprise principles
To serve customers with affordable, quality and safe products.
Enterprise principles
People together is called  a party, and the heart together is called a team together.
Corporate oath
I can, I do, we will win.

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