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Characteristics and utility of mineral desiccant and molecular sieve desiccant

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Characteristics and utility of mineral desiccant and molecular sieve desiccant

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Characteristics and utility of mineral desiccant and molecular sieve desiccant

What is a mineral desiccant?  

Active mineral desiccant, also known as concave soil desiccant, is made of pure natural raw mineral attapulgite and active hygroscopic agent through activation and refining, green environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, no harm to the human body. It has good adsorption activity at room temperature and general humidity.The effect of static dehumidification and odor removal.Because it contains chlorine ions, it can not directly contact with food, medicine, metal and so on. It should be widely used in products that can not be sealed with oil seal and gas phase, such as optical instruments, electronic products, medical care, food packaging and military products and dry air seal for civilian products.

  Characteristics of mineral desiccant:

  (1) the ability to absorb moisture under high humidity is good.

(2) the moisture absorption ability of Beamon at high temperature is excellent.  

What is a molecular sieve desiccant?

  It is a synthetic desiccant product with strong absorbability to water molecules.It is a crystalline aluminosilicate compound with a regular and uniform pore structure in the crystal structure, and the pore size is the order of magnitude of molecular size.It only allows molecules that are smaller in diameter than those with small pore size, so they can sift the molecules in the mixture according to their size, so they are called molecular sieves.Its pore size can be controlled by different processing techniques. Besides adsorbing water vapor, it can also adsorb other gases. At high temperatures above 230 C, water molecules can still be well accommodated.

  Molecular sieve desiccant characteristics:

(1) Under the condition of ultra low humidity, water vapor in the environment can still be absorbed in large quantities to effectively control the humidity of the environment. 

the moisture absorption rate is very fast, and absorb a lot of water vapor in a very short time.

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