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​The function and selection of bamboo charcoal bag

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​The function and selection of bamboo charcoal bag

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The function and selection of bamboo charcoal bag

The perfume on the car can only play the role of concealment, and it is difficult to remove moist hidden factors. In humid air, the corner of the vehicle can easily cause worms or cause corrosion. After the decoration, there are all kinds of unpleasant smell in the interior, such as wall paint, paint and so on. At the same time, we will also smell bad and humid in the process of using cars.

Function of bamboo charcoal  

Bamboo charcoal bag is hard, good ventilation, good adsorption of formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances, and can release natural minerals, promote the growth of plants, clean air. Strong water absorption can relieve moisture factor in the air, deodorizing and mildew prevention. Love car such a decoration do not need to place a prominent place, can also car a healthy viscera, but also promote sleep, relieve arteriosclerosis and other conditions, the owner also has no harm.

 Methods and steps for selecting bamboo charcoal bags

  So, how do you choose bamboo charcoal bags with so many advantages? Is every one suitable for you?

The first is cloth selection: any activated carbon has a hard texture, but there will still be a small amount of debris. When choosing, attention should be paid to whether the non-woven fabric outside the carbon package is damaged or whether there is any leakage of bamboo charcoal on the ventilated cloth. To avoid the car during running, bumping causes a lot of bamboo charcoal to spilt and contaminate the car.

 Followed by the observation of taste: now there are many bamboo charcoal bags with faint scent on the market. Some of these flavors are natural fragrance, some are bamboo charcoal fragrance, in choosing this kind of fragrant bamboo charcoal bag not only look good, some fragrance as well as refreshing effect. However, like perfume selection, it is best not to choose the lavender flavor. Lavender has a strong sleep promoting function. It will make people feel tired for a long time.

  Bamboo charcoal quality choice: do not care about the price and choose inferior bamboo charcoal bag. In addition to removing moisture and formaldehyde, high-quality bamboo charcoal packages also contain rich minerals and release far-infrared rays. It can relieve fatigue. Strong and thin bamboo charcoal with strong adsorbability. Place it in a place where the taste is heavy, and it can be quickly deodorizing. It's tasteless and tasteless, with scent or charcoal.  

Choice of styles: choose personalized cartoon products, and can use household pillows according to circumstances. The texture is hard to squeeze, but it will break and have touch.

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