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Basic knowledge of desiccant(1)

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Basic knowledge of desiccant(1)

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Basic knowledge of desiccant(1)

What is a desiccant?

Desiccant is to absorb moisture in the air as a means to reduce environmental humidity, so as to achieve moisture, mildew, rust and so on the general name of a class of products.

1. Composition of desiccant

The desiccant used in packaging is usually referred to as bagged desiccant. It includes three parts: raw materials, packaging materials and obstruct packaging.


1.1Introduction of raw materials

Silica gel

Silica gel is a transparent or translucent sphere or lump. Under high and low humidity, it has balanced moisture absorption capacity, stable chemical performance, low dust, and PH is about 4-5.


Blue silica gel

Blue silica gel has hygroscopic property similar to that of ordinary white silica gel and can display its moisture absorption state. When it is dry, it is blue, and after it moisture absorption, it is pink.


Cobalt free silica gel

The color of drying is orange, and it is green after moisture absorption.



Montmorillonite is also called bentonite, active ore or clay. Montmorillonite also has the same properties as silica gel, and its hygroscopic rate is better than silica gel at low humidity. Montmorillonite is a natural mineral material. It is non polluting and non corrosive. Its pH value is about 7, and it is much cheaper than silica gel.


Molecular sieve

It has the highest hygroscopicity (<30%RH) at low humidity.

Stable chemical properties.

The price is higher than silica gel and montmorillonite.


High hygroscopic desiccant

It has super high moisture absorption ability at high humidity.

It contain calcium chloride which is not allowed to contact directly with the product (such as metal, food, machinery, etc.).

After hygroscopic, it becomes gelatinous.



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